Today’s Arrival

Hello everyone, today I received a gift that I was waiting for so long. This was supposed to be a birthday gift (which is on 18th of October) but it never came as it was purchased online. We solved this problem with some difficulties and they finally arrived today freshly out of Hogwarts. 

I am so excited because I adore lego and I adore Harry Potter so this is a combination of both of them.. Major thanks to my best friend who knows how to make me happy. -I’m probably gonna talk about her a lot as she loves HP as much as I do- 

I’m gonna end this post here and continue to play with my little witches and wizards. Have a nice day !

Lego Info:

  • Death Eater -Malevolent Malfoy
  • Lord Voldemort -Harry’s Nemesis
  • Harry Potter -Star Seeker
  • Draco Malfoy Slytherin Seeker
  • Ron Weasley -Hut Visitor
  • Hermione Granger -Courageous Gryffindor
  • Harry Potter -Army Leader
  • Fred/George Weasley Trouble Making Twins
  • Professor Dumbledore -Bearded Wizard
  • Luna Lovegood -Ravenclaw Student
  • Ginny Weasley -Ready For Battle
  • Harry Potter -Exclusive Minifigure


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  1. Omg! I am so glad I found your blog! 😁 I am such a massive Potter head and I got the Harry Potter lego on the bottom right hand corner image! Hope to see more of your posts soon ☺️ Have a great week ! Much love, jessiewuvs 💁🏻 💕

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  2. Hehe I should thank you for liking my post since I had just made a blog a couple of days ago 😊 Keep posting any random Harry Potter, that will be enough to make me happy haha, much love jessiewuvs 💁🏻💕

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